Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's to a New Year...A New You!

I always hate the first post of a new blog, but since it's New Years Eve, here's to starting something new and something fresh for 2011. Since I just got my band less than a month ago, I still feel like a newbie, I'm a little lost, a little unsure and am still trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat, and keep my hunger and emotions in check since 2 days after surgery I had feelings of buyers remorse. But with all these changes I am putting in my faith that it will all work itself out. So here's to a new year, a new me, new friends and a new and improved life!

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. HI Jess! Welcome to the blog world & the LapBand world! I know exactly what you mean about buyers remorse. I'm about 3-4 weeks ahead of you (I was banded on Nov 16, 2010). I have not had it easy, but like you, putting faith in this band and hoping it will all work out. I love your comparison to the Very Hungry Catepillar and wanting to be the beautiful butterfly. SO TRUE! I look forward to following you on your journey and BOTH of us losing this weight FOR GOOD and become those beautiful butterflies!!!!


  2. Hi Jess-- Happy New Year to you and welcome to band and blog world. I'm a relative newbie myself (September surgery), so we can figure this all out together.

  3. Aweee, you guys are so sweet!! I am excited! this is an amazing yet scary journey. I'm looking forward and welcoming all of the positive changes that are yet to come. :)