Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day... Starting Fresh!

Today was a pretty good day. I got a lot done, which felt fantastic! I took down all of our Christmas decorations, put away the ornaments, and packed up the tree. We had plans to meet some friends a a pub to watch a hockey game, but it was postponed till later tonight. So I took the opportunity and really focused on putting my new years goals into place. My husband and I had a deep conversations about our lives and where we're headed on our current path. After re-evaluating our lives together as well as individually, we have decided to make some simple yet major changes to improve our lives and it started today. My husband and I have really been on the lazy track going nowhere and have been stuck at this fork in the road. We've just been walking in the same place doing the same boring things and wishing our lives away just trying to get from one day to the next and always wishing for the weekend to arrive, but never doing anything exciting with our lives.We've just been lazy, careless, and have been completely oblivious on how to jump off this track. Today just felt fresh and new and when we discussed all the changes we want to put into place this year, we both actually followed through with putting our changes in place today.

Food wise, I was pretty good 90% of the day. I need to count my calories and stick to mostly protein and veggies if I want to see some progress. Today we went grocery shopping and somehow ice cream found its way into my basket. It's like I lost control and couldn't help but consume it, and before you know it a whole pint was gone! Before getting the band, I'd always get sick from ice cream due to being lactose intolerant, but ever since I got the band, it's like I no longer have lactose issues.... so I just went on eating ice cream, as if I had never had it in my entire  life... ugh whatever. I guess the point it, I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but tomorrow is a new day, and I will just start fresh again :)

Thank you 2011 for being gentle on me, as I still feel so fragile and new to this life.


  1. Hi Jess, i just found your blog and wanted to say welcome! I was reading about your buyer's remorse and I had the same feeling. In fact, I cried my eyes out about it. Thankfully, it does pass and you start to be more and more excited about the band. I have never been sorry that I had surgery. It has taught me about portion control and how much I had let food control my day. There is so much support and unbelievable knowledge on the blogs. Read as much as you can. If you have questions, just ask.

  2. Hi Jess

    Miss Vickie sent me here to say Hi and become a follower - look forward to getting to know you

    Welcome !!!

  3. Well howdy-i noticed you came over and followed my blog :) Good luck with your band and blog :)