Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

I'm sure the motivation to work out would come much easier if I had a huge dinosaur chasing my ass, but until then, I'll have to dwell it up from deep within. Before my surgery, I was a work out queen. We have a free gym & personal trainer at my work and I had full access to get the best personalized work out ever. I could go to the gym every day because I loved the endorphins and high I got from getting a really intense work out. The more sweat, the better! Ever since I had my surgery, I've basically been using it as a huge excuse not to work out. In my head I would say things like, "Oh I don't want to work out too hard and have my incisions split open" etc... blah blah blah... basically just a bunch of different excuses would pop into my head as to why I didn't need to work out, even if I wanted to take it easy and take a break from the gym while my body recovered, I was still perfectly capable of putting on my walking shoes and going for a good walk... but for whatever reasons I gave myself I just didn't. When I was on my post-op liquids diet I lost some weight, and as soon as I started to eat real foods, some of my weight crept back up. So basically I've been maintaining the same weight as my surgery day. Now my first fill is coming up on the 14th, and I know my doctor will rip me a new one for not following his instructions on exercising, and watching my calorie intake. So enough excuses, I'm just going to do it! So tonight I got myself back into the gym with a few co-workers and let my trainer give me a pretty decent work out. Anything that felt too hard or too strenuous to do, I was careful not to kill myself, but I did get in some good cardio, and a few light weights just to try and re-tone my upper arms. It's been about a month since I've worked out, and I already feel like some of the muscle in my body has withered away back to fat. I feel really good tonight, and baby, I'm back in the saddle again! :)


  1. Well, I know my surgeon told me not to do heavy exercise until about 4 weeks after the surgery .. so I just started doing light exercise and increased the level every week - I am burning anywhere from 200 to 300 calories doing treadmill, bike and elliptical but I am definitely going back to get personal training because I know I am not doing what I need to do to get the most out of my exercise time.

    You will feel much better once you get into the exercise again :)

  2. Congrats! I have yet to get up off my butt. I wasn't much of an excerciser before either. I spent all weekend tracking down the Zumba for Wii- so motivated to use it. I found's still in the wrapper. I need to get moving. I haven't had my first fill yet. I have an appointment on Jan 28th. I have lost 22 pounds to date, but just like you now that I am on solids again it's just stopped. I have been at 207 forever!!! My doctor wants me at 199 before the 28th. I need to get there. I can't let her down!!!


  3. Good for you! I, too, got back to the gym this week. My doctor gave me the go ahead on Dec 22...but I gave myself until after the holidays! I started this week and went 4 days. I also know that I have to report to my doctor on my gym time, and I don't want to lie and cheat myself. So I did it. I don't get that endorphine high, but really wish I did. I felt good that I did it and it was done, but that's it. I need to keep going and get into the routine and make this life style change. I've had one fill, and still eating normal portions. No restriction at all. So hoping the gym time will balance out the eating. I would die if I gain at my second fill.

    Good luck and keep it going!!!!


  4. How great that you have free access to a gym & trainer, and good for you for using them!

    As I'm sure you've read, those first couple of months after surgery can be tough. Hang in'll do great! Oh, and I think I love your dog Bailey!