Monday, January 3, 2011

My eyes are bigger than my stomach!

Now that I’m officially on regular foods, it really amazes me how much food I’m able to eat compared to my pre-surgery days. I feel like I am going through this constant battle with my mind of what seems like a “normal portion” compared to what I am actually able to eat now. My mind and hand act in similar ways, where I want to scoop myself a typical large portion and then once I start eating, I’m only able to eat a ¼ of the food on my plate. It’s such a weird but great feeling. Whenever anyone overeats, people use the term “my eyes are bigger than my stomach”, but now that I’m banded, my eyes constantly feel like they have quadrupled in size, and are way bigger than my stomach now. I love having my band, because it’s just a different way of life now. I think the biggest challenge for my husband and I, is to learn how to adjust the amount of food we cook, the amount of food we serve ourselves and of course how much we both eat. My husband is like a human garbage disposal, so we're both hoping that with trimming down the food we cook and serve ourselves, my husband would like to lose a few pounds too. Not to mention, I don’t want every meal we cook to have leftovers for a week, that will get real old real quick! ;)


  1. Yep. we have had to make adjustments too. My husband has lost 20 lbs since I have been banded. I use a small salad plate and a small fork. I measure 1 cup of food. I cook about 1/4 of the food I used to. I will cook extra chicken though. That way I can add it to my salad or make chicken salad. You will get used to it and your food bill will go down too!

  2. Yes, I try to put the right amount on my plate - at the beginning I put too much on the plate but I am getting better at it - you'll soon get the hang of it !

    I agree with Miss Vickie - you can use leftover Chicken in so many ways - even potatoes cause you can make hash with them and this makes a great side dish! I use up all my leftovers :)

  3. Hi Jess - Thanks for stopping by my blog and dropping me a message. Cute blog you have!

    I have a difficult time scooping the right portion sizes out too. I find that I am dishing up too much, luckily my brain is telling me to back off. It's going to take awhile to break old habits.

    I am on regular foods now's been nice, but my weightloss has halted to a stop. I have been at 207 for a week now. I have not had my first fill yet. I am still eating less, but just regular food. I do love my band!


  4. I agree that portion sizes are difficult to get used to. I missed the feeling of being able to take a big bite and swallow a big bite of something I really liked. Sounds like you're well on your way! You're going to do great!

  5. Hiya,

    Welcome! I am newly banded as well (Nov 2010). I was sent over from Miss Vickie's site. Thanks for allowing me to follow you.